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 The sun, sand and surf can wreck havoc on your hair and without the right tools,products or know-how, you can do a lot of damage to those precious strands. The best way to protect your hair for the beach or swimming pool is by first applying a product that contains SPF, like Sun Shield Conditioning Spray.  As far as styling goes, humidity blocking products such as Super Skinny Serum or Ultimate Wave Cream-Gel work best with hair on the beach and in tropical climates. Kit suggests a hairstyle that keeps hair up and out of the sun. For color treated hair your best bet would be to wear a headscarf, bandanna, or hat if you're going to be in the sun.


One of the hottest trends is the natural wavy look, and what we love most about it is that it is super-easy to achieve!


How to: After washing and towel drying your hair in the evening, part your hair into two sections ( same as you would do if you were putting yourself into two ponytails). Run a little product like Hydrocream Whip through both sections and french braid each one. Blowdry braids for 3-5 minutes. Leave braids in overnight and unbraid in the morning when they are completely dry. Lightly run your fingers though your hair and finish by spraying Texturizing Sea Spray throughout your tresses. Now you are all set to head to the beach!

Make Syling a Breeze


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Playing at the beach is great fun, and enjoying our wonderful turquoise sea is even better. However, salt water in hair will cause damage quickly if allowed to dry. The water evaporates and only salt crystals remain which can etch the outside cuticle layer and leave strands vulnerable to outside elements. This can cause not only frizz but breakage as well. The saltwater can also strip color from hair causing a faded "brassy" tone. Always remember to wet hair with fresh water before diving into the ocean and never let saltwater dry in your tresses.l